Technology - A Core Value  

At GeBBS one of core values and principals is the application of technology to our client's business models. As a result we have been and will continue to develop proprietary workflow technologies and automation tools that can be utilized to increase productivity, quality of work, and provide the data, information, and the business intelligence that allow us and our clients to be "more knowledgeable".

These platforms increase our clients' visibility into their data, automate their processes, streamline workflow and provide business intelligence to enhance the decision making process. They improve efficiency and scalability while enhancing quality and providing the knowledge required for our clients to maintain their competitive advantage.

  iCode combines expert workflow technologies, rules based automation and certified coders to guarantees accuracy rates of over 95%. Features include:  
Bullet Works with all input formats (including HL7, Doc, PDF and TIF, scanned paper reports)
Bullet Works across all medical specialties
Bullet 95%+Accuracy
Bullet 24 hours Turn Around Time
Bullet No implementation costs
  iP2P is a full-service outsourced Payment Posting solution for Paper EOBs. This solution provides for the automated receipt, processing and posting of all paper payments including insurance payments, patient payments and correspondence. The iP2P Client Portal provides you with full visibility into real-time production status, exception management and auditing, along with an image repository for easy retrieval and viewing of EOBs. Revitalize your A/R by providing immediate electronic access to payment data and images. Our iP2P solution integrates best-of-breed hardware, software, workflow and document management, along with a highly trained and knowledge based workforce.  
  iERA is an optional module within iP2P. It imports 837 claim data and converts paper EOB's into a postable ANSI 835/ ERA. It easily integrates with your lockbox or document management system. By outsourcing this work to GeBBS you can treat every remittance as an ERA.  
  iAR is a sophisticated tool designed to streamline A/R follow-up. It allows GeBBS to perform skill-based routing, manage inventory, and generate intelligent and customized reports. The client portal enables clients to audit our work, track live production and generate customized reports.  
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